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Hello, I’m Dr. Manpreet Kaur

I was once right where you are!

I went through incredible personal hardships in my life journey that impacted my physical, mental, emotional, and financial health. As a result, I experienced extreme trauma, depression, and anxiety. So to practice self-love and care, I took my time off to understand myself and my world.

I realized that our mind is at the root of all our problems. If our mind is sick, there’s no way we can be physically, mentally, emotionally, or financially well. True happiness comes from within and fills all facets of our life with abundance, when our mind is healed.

So I began my inner journey, worked on my mind, and got out of the depressive state by connecting to the healing energy within.

IF I Made it, so can you!!

After my podiatric doctor’s degree, it took me almost 6 years of soul searching, spiritual coaching, regular meditation sessions, working in the business world, and observing my world to understand how the mind operates.

Equipped with knowledge, experience, and education, I started helping my friends through their mental/emotional challenges. To my surprise, they started getting INSTANT results just by correcting their thoughts, and connecting with their inner healing energy. I started coaching a lot more people after that. I am thrilled and incredibly grateful that each of the people I worked with, I have been able to pull them out of their suffering cycles.

Now it’s my mission to help all those who are tied up in soul-crushing depression, anxiety, trauma, and stress. Don’t take my word for it. You can hear it from the people I have worked with, or come to the first free session!

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These Group Coaching Session are extremely powerful where we immerse ourselves into relevant key topics that help you build psychological resilience

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Dr Manpreet Kaur is a noted professional speaker and has graced several events with her
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You can contact her for speaking at your event, and participating in webinars and expert discussions on topics related to mind management, spirituality, trauma and depression, life issues, relationship issues, coaching, psychology and many more related topics.

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